Featured on Loverly!

I think I may have mentioned this before, but I L-O-V-E Loverly!  If you are out of the loop and have no idea what Loverly is, it is a collection of gorgeous images that you can bundle together onto boards.  Yes, I am aware it sounds a lot like pinterest, and I suppose it kind of is.  But Loverly is all about wedding.  You won't find recipes for vegan mac and cheese or random sayings typed out in even more random fonts. It's all beautiful bouquets, gorgeous gowns, lovely details, and tons and tons of wedding inspiration that you can file away to use later on. The images displayed are carefully currated and come from top wedding blogs and wedding professionals, so you won't see any terrible photography on this site! Seriously, check it out, it's awesome!

The other great thing about Loverly is that they allow wedding professionals to share their images via portfolios. From time to time I upload a few of my recent favorites to share on there. Loverly is also great about sharing amazing images with their subscribers.  They sometimes send out emails (usually themed) that share some of their favorite recent collections.

And today I was one of their favorite collections!  Geri and Dan's wedding was featured as one of the spotlight bundles in their email today!  The theme was "neon" so their wedding, which used lots of bright yellows and greens, fit in perfectly!  You can view the full Loverly collection of their images by clicking right here!

So thanks, Loverly for sharing my work!  I love yours, too!  Keep up the great website work!


loverly feature.jpg