Jennifer and Patrick's Wedding at Hotel Del Coronado

Yeah yeah. I will rarely admit this, but I forget things sometimes. Like this big thing... I TOTALLY FORGOT to share photos from not one but TWO weddings from LAST YEAR. Say whaaaa? 

To be fair, both wedding were right around Christmas, so things were a little bit wackadoo around here. But I'm sharing them with you now because I was just thinking about how great these two weddings were, and how happy I am for both of those lovely couples as they head towards celebrating their first anniversaries. 

Ok. I'm going to have to break these up. 

First on the list is Jennifer + Patrick's wedding, which was at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, CA. 

I hadn't met Jennifer or Patrick before their wedding day since they were flying in from Boston specifically for their wedding. But we had corresponded by email so regularly that by the time I met Jennifer when she was getting her hair and make-up done, I already felt that we were old friend. Ah, the power of communication these days! It was storming something awful the day before as well as the morning of their wedding, and I was a little worried that their dreams of saying their marriage vows on the beach would be washed away. Luckily, the storm broke down to a slight drizzle, and Jennifer and Patrick were able to say, "I do" on the beautiful beach of Coronado, just like they had been envisioning (with a few edits, such as Jennifer having to take Patrick's jacket mid ceremony!). 

After their ceremony, their guests, who had flown in from not just all over the country but all over the world, celebrated with an immaculate dinner followed by a full array of delicious dessert choices. Toasts were toasted, dances were danced, and love was in full bloom. 

My favorite part of the day? Probably when I joked with Jennifer and Patrick about going ice skating on the rink that the Hotel Del has every winter... and they totally agreed! I love when my clients take my sometimes ridiculous suggestions seriously, because it makes for some of my very favorite photos! 

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Making dreams come true are these guys...