Ali and John's I Do Re-Do

It was on that very same day at the very same time. She wore the very same dress and her bouquet was near an exact replica. Their officiant was the same one who guided them to their I-do's before...

Ali and John contacted me for a very special event.  They were celebrating their tenth anniversary and decided that after all the twists and turns their lives had been through over a decade together, the most meaningful way to honor their relationship at this particular time was with a vow renewal.

So they traveled from Michigan and made the arrangements to have their vows renewed at The Presidio, a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous little chapel located in the Presidio of San Francisco.  They were also so excited to learn that the priest who had married them on the same day ten years prior was available for their vow renewal.  He clearly remembered them, and it was so great to see them reunite with happy hugs and lots of smiles.

One of the great things about the Presidio Chapel is all of the tradition that the space holds.  It's a little dark, but the light that is allowed to enter through the beautiful stained glass windows provide a sense of drama. It is an interfaith chapel, so throughout you'll find design elements inspired by religions across the world, which I think is so great.  My favorite thing is that at the end of each ceremony, the bride and groom are led to the chapel bell, and they ring the bell together to signify the beginning of their new lives together.  It was very emotional as Ali and John rang that bell and continued on together as the band played "All You Need is Love". Hopefully we'll see them here in another ten years again!  :)



Location: The Presidio Chapel