Cassie and Dwight's Engagement Session at Land's End

As the story goes, Cassie and Dwight met at a grocery store's frozen foods aisle. They both reached for the same item, and Dwight, being the gentleman that he is, politely agreed to let Cassie have the item, which was the last one, and an item that they both needed... in exchange for a date. It appears that the trip to the grocery store must have been fate! Cassie and Dwight are now busy planning their September wedding!

Cassie and Dwight decided they wanted to do their engagement session at the walking trail at Land's End in San Francisco. The area is completely serene and beautiful. It has outstanding views of the bay and gorgeous, lush trees surround the entire area. It was the perfect place for them! I had a lot of fun getting to know Dwight and Cassie last weekend! We chatted about our excitement that emerald is the "color of the year" and how Cassie lived in San Diego (my home town) for a little bit when she was growing up. They are such a wonderful couple, and I know the future has great things in store for them!

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