A Shower for Baby Mila

I met Karla about a year ago when I participated in a wedding showcase that she put together. I was so excited when she asked me to photograph a shower that was being given for her and her husband Anthony in honor of their baby girl, Mila, who should be on her way pretty soon! 

The baby shower was held in the gorgeous club house in the community where Karla and Anthony live in San Jose, CA. Karla, who is an invitation designer, designed the adorable invitations and most of the cute details that made this event so memorable.

One of my favorite details included the rad straws (seriously, they had sparkly hearts attached to them.). I kinda wish I could have one in every single one of my drinks for all time. Also, the food was ah-maze-ing. The shower was early in the day, so the food was brunch themed. There were mini waffles with fried chicken all drenched in yummo maple syrup and to die for home-style potatoes with just the right amount of a spicy kick to them. I'm still dreaming about those potatoes... Karla... I might need that recipe! :)

Guests also played a really fun game letter game. Guests were all given a letter written on a heart that was then pinned to their shirt. From then on, there were certain words that they were not allowed to say, including "baby" "Mila" and some others. If you said one of those words, the guest who caught you got to steal your letter pin. The goal was to collect all the letters needed to spell out "Mila Gray." It was so fun to watch them get competitive and try to collect letters as the event went on!

There were gifts, games, and everyone was so excited to welcome Baby Mila into the world. I can't wait to meet her, too!

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