Jenna and Luis at Berkeley Marina

I am wondering if I should just start counting and listing the ways that Jenna and Luis are awesome. I would... but that would be weird, and also, there are just too many things to list. They are rad. Let's leave it at that and move on!

Jenna and I have known each other in some fashion for about ten years. My best friend Erika was her best friend when they were little wee ones, and they have remained close ever since. When I moved to the bay area, Jenna was one of the only people that I knew! I also had the pleasure of shooting Luis' (Jenna's husband) brother's wedding in November (I am horrible and have not yet shared those photos on the blog, but will soon!). So I've had the opportunity to spend some time with these two over the past few months, and they are just so much fun!

I was so excited when Luis approached me about doing a couple's session with them for Christmas. I happily agreed, and we met at Berkeley Marina, played with their adorable pooch, and snapped some fun photos of the two of them! It was cold, it was wet, but it was such a great day!

Enjoy their cuteness!

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