Once Upon A Time... The Lights Turned Off...

I'm willing to bet that most of us will look back on the "Great Black Out" (September 8, 2011) with great fondness.  After the initial panic died down, I know that from talking to friends, most of us did decide to take advnatge of the darkness by BBQing some food and enjoying drinks with friends and neighbors.... myself included! But before I got home and drank all the champagne I could possibly handle (don't ask why I figured in my head it would go bad...), I was working away. 

At the time, Stone was preparing for their first ever wedding show in partnership with Bridal Insider. Lori asked me to help out with a few things, so we thought it would be fun to head out and do some photo work there!  Unfortunately, due to timing, the show has been postponed a bit. But we were finally granted permission to use the photos for our own personal use!  Yay!

Anyway, just after the lights went out, I headed not home, but to Stone Company Farm in Escondido.   While everyone else left their offices and fought some of the most ridiculous traffic to try to get home while trying to reach anyone possible on their cell phones, I was setting up for what was supposed to be an idealic farm-themed photo shoot with some great wedding vendors.  We powered through!

In the end, I have to admit, this was not the best photo shoot.  We were all under quite a bit of stress.  Some key people, inclding our shoot coordinator, our stationery designer, my photo assistant, Jackie's assistant, and even our original models were not able to make it due to the hecticness.  Understandably! We were all worried about where our loved ones were because we had no reception on the farm, and no way of telling them we were going to stick through the shoot and that we were safe.  We had no way of storing the beautiful, beautiful treats that were created by the fabulous Tailored Sweets... so they melted in the September sun (no fridge and we were not allowed tp gp into the dark and dangerous storage barn area) and unfortunately we were unable to use them.  But I assure you, they were fabulous, as always! We had no source of additional lighting (besides the quickly fading sunlight) so we were fighting for time. 

In the end it worked out.  We all pulled together to work with what we had.  Jen from Branches was even kind enough to find a brave soul (our model) who lived near by and was able to step in and join us.  Everyone helped each other out to try to make the best of the situation. Was it ideal?  No, not at all.  Are the photos amazing?  I would say no.  Did we have a great time?  YES. Did I learn that there are some increadibly hard working, reliable, and talanted people in San Diego who I now know will work hard and pull thrugh in any situation.  Most definitely.

So THANK YOU To the following vendors who are true rockstars at what they do.  When it seemed like we should just cancel the shoot, they said NOPE and worked as hard as they could.  I hope I have the opportunity to work with them again soon, and if you have the opportunity, rest assured that they will work wonders for your event!


The Awesome People Who Made This Happen:

Flowers by:  Branches:  A Floral Studion

Rentals/Styling by: Party Production Rentals

Venue: Stone Company Farm

Hair & Make-Up: Jackie Q. Beauty

Dress: The Little White Dress


Additional thanks to Tailored Sweets and Paper Scissors Print.  Due to everything going on they couldn't make it up to the shoot and we were unable to use their lovely work, but they are amazing at what they do too!