The Pudge


So... ok.  Get it out of your system.  Go ahead and laugh your butt off at my horrible photoshop face drawing skills.  HA HA very funny, I know. I thought it was kind of cute... my first go at it looked like a warped version of winnie the pooh!

Now that all that laughter is (hopefully) out of your system, let's get serious here.  Not all of us (myself included) are super models.  Not all of us have the time to get our (sometimes flabby) butts to the gym every day, even though we really want to.  Sometimes we just end up with a little pudge!

I suppose I should back up and tell you why I am randomly talking about our fatty issues.  My best friend is getting married.  Woohoo!  As a photographer I end up with a decent collection of funny photos of people (it's enevitable really), and yes, from time to time I share some of the sillier ones with my BFF.  Don't worry, they don't get spread around the internet or anything and really aren't anything super embarassing, but sometimes I will share some things I see with her. Anyway, I think I freaked her out a little bit one day...

A while back I had a bride who, although was GORGEOUS and in FANTASTIC shape, had a slight issue with her dress. She happily got zipped into her beautiful gown and sat down on the bed so that she could put on her garter and shoes.  All of a sudden she noted that the bossom of her dress was just a little tighter than she remembered, which caused a little... spillage, if you will... over the top.  She immidiately went into self-concious panic mode. After being reassured by her bridesmaids and family that she looked phenominal and was over analyzing the boob issue, and after me telling her that I could help out with some of it in post-editing.  She calmed down.  Upon editing her photos, I realized that the issue was only present when she moved her body in certain ways.  It was when she was sitting, primarily. Sometimes when she stood just so the dress would move and cause the situation to occur again, but mainly it was the sitting that was the culprit.

This realization  led me to wonder something... did she sit in her dress when she tried it on? Did she have it fitted by a good seamstress who knows how to work with bridal gowns?  And most importantly, at her final fitting, did she SIT DOWN to test the fit of the dress?  I had the realization that this lovely bride could have been spared a lot of anxiety on her wedding day if she had her dress propperly fitted before the wedding and if she had sat down at that fitting. I am 90% sure at that time she would have realized what was happening and been able to correct the oversight. This is a problem that I have seen occur many many times... problems that could have been corrected if a dress was just fitted properly!

I sent my BFF the photo above (minus the awesome blue face you have the priveledge of seeing today) which shows the afore mentioned "spillage" and said, "As your maid of honor, I promise not to let this happen to you!" And I think maybe I scared the $H1t out of her!  Ooopsie...

I went dress shopping with her and her sister and her mom the other day.  BFF kept looking at dresses with sleeves.  Now, this is 100% BFF's style, even before Kate Middleton made it all the rage. But her mom did mention that BFF had shown her the photo I had sent her and was now paying attention to this area (that is problematic for many many women, by the way).  UGH.  I felt like a biatch.  BFF is so pretty and gorgeous and has a killer body.  BFF has NOTHING to worry about. We are going dress shopping again today and I fully plan on drilling how hot she looks into her head, because it will be true.  But I meant what I said, i will NOT let this happen to her.

I vow to force BFF to sit in every dres she thinks might be "the one."  She will sit, she will pose in poses I typically make my own brides do.  She will wave her hands in the air and do a little dance.  And I will watch for any sign of any potential pudge or spillage.  And then it will be fixed at the fitting.  And at the fitting, we will lather, rinse, and repeat.  Et voila, problem solved!  It's what friends are for. Hey, she did the same for me!

So long story short (haha GOTCHA! You didn't have to read this novel after all!) wear your dress before you wear your dress.  SIT IN IT.  Sit like you would normally sit at dinner.  I know people always tell you to do this, but I think a lot of people forget to do it.  Actually I think a lot of people remember to do this when they first try it on, but may neglect this detail when they go for fittings.  The way a dress fits when standing is quite different than how it fits sitting down.  Fabric can be a friend or a foe.  It moves, reshapes, and clings. Make sure you know how your dress is going to fit you-- and look to other people-- when you go for your final fitting.  Don't be affraid to ask a trusted friend or family member to honestly point out anything that looks off. If your dress boutique/designer/seamstress (please make sure you ask first!) will allow it, have someone take a photo so you can see it for yourself.  Be comfortable in your dress so that on your wedding day, you are nothing but a gorgeous glowing ray of sunshine.  No stress allowed!  NOW, that being said, let me reiterate the fact that not a single one of us is perfect.  We all have those little areas that give us trouble, and there is nothing wrong with that. Those little things that make us who we are as a total package is what our lovers love about us. So in the end... this whole blog doesn't even matter...  :)