Friends of Scott Foundation

When I was a sophomore in high school I had the pleasure of meeting someone very special.  Our encounter was brief, but for that short time, I look back with gratitude and smile.

In 10th grade, I got to know a boy named Scott Delgadillo.  He was a freshman, and we were in the same journalism class.  I met him in September when school started, and I remember him as being such a kind person, and a great writer (usually sports). His health took a turn for the wost, and by January cancer had claimed the life of another amazing person.  In the short time that I knew him, I saw him make such a huge impact on the world.  He touched many lives and inspired countless people just by being himself and living his life to the fullest while he was able to do so. For many people my age, Scott was one of the first times any of us had to think about our own mortality and the brevity of life.  I think it's for this reason that I still think of him from time to time with great fondness.

After Scott's passing his close friends and family created an amazing organization called The Friends of Scott Foundation in his memory.  The mission of The Friends of Scott Foundation is to make sure that children, like Scott, as well as their families, have resources, both emotionally and financially, to cope with the disease. They have provided a tremendous outlet for these wonderful kids going through what most of us could never imagine at their age.  One of their annual events, The Unforgettable Prom gives the kids they work with a chance for a magical night on the town.  They get to enjoy the excitement of dressing up, walking down the "red carpet" while papparattzi snaps away, and dance the night away with other kids who share similar experiences.  

Recently I had the opportunity to reconnect with Carmen Delgadillo, Scott's mother and president of The Friends of Scott Foundation.  She asked me to come out to their dress boutique event and take some candids of everything going on that day at the Ronald McDonald House.  Friends of Scott partnered with Cinderella's Attic (another awesome non-profit org) and provided a fun day for the girls who are attending the prom to come out, try on dresses, and take home their favorite one... complete with shoes and accessories! It was such a heart warming event, and I am so grateful to have been able to be of service in a small way to such a great organization and spend time with all the beautiful girls at the event. 

If you have a spare minute, please please take some time and get to know The Friends of Scott Foundation and learn about the wonderful things they've been working on in the community. Also, check out Cinderella's Attic.  If you are able to help either of these wonderful organizations in any way, be it a monitary donation or a donation of your time or services, it would make my heart, and the hearts of these amazing kids, so happy!