Nellie and Jeff's Windandsea Engagement

In my head Windandsea Beach in La Jolla is iconic San Diego.  The gentle crashing of the waves on the shoreline, the unobstructed view of the vast Pacific, the varried tarrain of the cliffs overlooking the sand... the cute little surf shack overlooking the water.  Perfection.  It's no wonder that Nellie and Jeff visit the location often, and Nellie admits it's where they spent much of their early relationship and where she realized that Jeff was the one for her.  Aww.  It was fun to visit such a special place with them, and I am looking forward to their weding at the Martson House coming up pretty soon!





Now the following photo requires a bit of additional information.  I'm not ashamed to admit that not every photo I take is perfect.  Shtuff happens and things get screwy sometimes.  This was one of my "oopsie" photos, but I actually really like it.  I like the soft light, the softness of them, and the feeling of it.  I guess it just goes to show that perfection is defined in many ways... <3