A New Home... A New City

As I write this post, there are a lot of things going on in my heart. It's a very strange mixture of excitement and happiness combining with bits of anxiety and a touch of sadness.  So I'm just going to come right out and say what I came to say:

I'm moving.

Yup! We are heading on up to beautiful San Francisco.  My wonderful husband was offered an amazing job there, so we are seizing the opportunity and making the drive up the coast to a new home.

I know some of you are panicking right now.  Take a deep breath and relax a minute.  Just because I'm moving doesn't mean the world is going haywire...

To my amazing clients:
  I will be honoring every single one of the contracts and comitments I've made to you.  San Franciso is a short, cheap flight away. I WILL be here for your wedding.  No need to worry your pretty little head.  In fact, I will be in town for what looks like at least a week or two every month since I have so many comitments here in San Diego.  Things aren't changing that much except for maybe my home address.  I'll still be around plenty and none of your weddings are in jepordy.  I've made a comitment to you, and I keep my comitments! No extra travel charges, nothing at all.  What you signed in your contract still signs.  No worries.

To my leauge of extraordinary wedding vendors: THANK YOU THANK YOU for all of your support over the past few years while I've built this business. I appreciate so much your client referals and have enjoyed working with you on whatever projects have brought us together.  I will miss you all dearly.  I hope that if you are ever in the SF area you will look me up!

What happens for the future? A lot of rebuilding.  I'll be working on rebuilding my business in San Francisco, which will be a really fun adventure, I think! (PS if any of you know any fab wedding pros out there I should chat with, please tell me!). Will I continue to work in San Diego?  I will, at least through the weddings I have scheduled through 2013 so far. 

Will I take new San Diego bookings?  Sure!  I probably won't market myself in San Diego anymore, but I am always open to hop on a plane and work down here.  It's a short, cheap plane ride, so I'm happy to come down.  It gives me an excuse to visit.  I haven't had time to figure out the specifics yet since we just made the decision on Friday, but I am hoping there will not be a large (if any) travel increase since I will also be spending time with my friends and family here when I come out.  Win-win!  As for right now, I'm not going to take things one at a time.  I don't think I'll have much time for portrait sessions before I go. other than what I already have planned.  As for booking future weddings in SD over the next few weeks... I'm just going to treat each case individually and see how it goes...  I just don't want to over-burden my brain before I go since we have so many details to take care of before we head out!

So that's the haps, friends.  Moving to good ol' San Francisco. I really hope that all of your (my past clients, friends, and colleagues) will let me know when you're in town!  I would be excited to take you out and show you the new places I've found to play in the city!  Please please keep in touch (email will remain the same!), and keep me updated on all of your new life advenutures!  I know I am excited to see where this one goes!

And to conclude, here is something I saw today that made me laugh in spite of the nervousness I've been dealing with all day... I guess it's from Finding Nemo?  I don't know.  I liked it.