Katarina and Peter's Elopement at Hotel Vitale

Oh man, I've been sitting on these photos for forever, waiting to share them, but I made a promise not to blog about them until they had been published on a certain blog. Now that they've been shared there, I am so excited to share them with you here, today!

I now introduce you to Katarina and Peter! K+P flew in from Chicago for a gorgeous elopement at Hotel Vitale, which sits right across from the Ferry Building on the San Francisco Bay. Katarina and Peter had taken a trip here in the past, and they decided it was the perfect location for their wedding. Katarina's daughter joined them and acted as her maid of honor, and they welcomed a small handful of guests that flew in from all over the country to celebrate with them!

One of the most impressive things about Katarina and Peter's wedding was that they hadn't met any members of their wedding pro team until the day of their ceremony! They put full trust in their coordinator (the fabulous Christy from Allure Wedding Consulting and Event Planning) to help them find the perfect vendors for their style and handle all the logistics. While most brides-to-be would have been obsessed with micromanaging the details from a distance, Katarina let Christy do it all, and you know what? The day was flawless!

And so, on a private deck outside the doors of a magnificent penthouse at Hotel Vitale, Peter and Katarina said their vows. As they were whispering promises to each other, the sun was beginning to set in the background, and the lights from the bay bridge were starting to glow. It was truly magical!

I had a great time hanging out along the San Francisco waterfront with Katarina and Peter and getting to know them. I'm happy to say that Katarina and I have stayed in touch (thanks, facebook!) and chat from time to time. In fact, after their wedding, Katarina and Peter made a big decision-- they decided they loved San Francisco so much that they just recently made the move from Chicago and now call the city their home! So rad!

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Location: Hotel Vitale, San Francisco

Event Design and Coordination: Christy, Allure Wedding Consulting and Event Planning

Flowers: Anne Mendenhall Flowers

Cake: Sugar, Butter, Flour

Hair: Sam Gonzales

Make-up: Leslie Tong